Fireworks Clubs

Fireworks Clubs
Are you interested in finding out more about fireworks clubs? Here is a list of fireworks clubs that we are aware of. If you would like more information about the goings-on at a fireworks club event, please email us at and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.
Club Name Location Contact Name Email Address Website
Alabama Pyrotechnics Guild (APG) Alabama Michael Siefker -
Bluegrass Pyrotechnic Guild, Inc. (BPG) Midwest - KY, TN, MO, VA, IN, WV, OH, IL, MI -
The Crackerjacks, Inc. Mid-Atlantic Chuck Perry
Heartland Pyrotechnic Arts Association (HPA) Midwest Kevin Murphy
Iowa Pyrotechnic Association Iowa/Midwest Thomas Pingenot
Michigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild (MPAG) Michigan/Northern Midwest Michael Fales
Missouri Pyrotechnics Association (MOPYRO) Missouri/Illlinois Kent Zimmerman -
New Hampshire Pyrotechnics Association, Inc. (NHPA) New England Sandy Rogers
Northern Lighters Pyrotechnics, Inc. (NLP) Minnesota Paul Marchio
Northern Lights Pyros Club New England Patrick C. Sullivan
Northwest Pyrotechnic Arts Association (NWPAA) Northwest Ric Wunn
Ohio Pyrotechnics Arts Guild (OPAG) Midwest Ben Rapp
Oregon Fireworks Association Northwest Daniel J. Tanner
Pyrotechnic Artists Inc. PA, Mid-Atlantic Jocelyn Niedziela
Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas, Inc. (Fireants) TX, OK, NM, LA Bart Ewald -
Pyrotechnics Guild International National Robin Cleveland
Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild Colorado Micki McDanal -
Stumptown Shooters Iowa/Midwest Mark-Stephen Woodburn
Utah Pyrotechnics Guild Assn (UPA) Utah & Surrounding states Bob Pierson
Western New York Pyrotechnic Assn., Inc. New York Bob Leo
Western Pyrotechnic Association Inc. CA, AZ, NV Kathy Baird
Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild

Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians

                                                     MO, KS
Jackie Arseneau

Tom Ingle
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